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BAIBI - lead vocals

Simply put, Baibi SINGS! And does so with great skill, confidence, and heart! This Baibi is a magical creature who bends time and space to her will. They say she learned her chops working with the Sirens of the eastern Mediterranean about the time Odysseus was cruising through. Such is her impact on mere mortals, that all is forgotten when they hear her sing. It’s ok, they get better and go on to live lives worthy of witnessing Baibi’s talent. At least that’s what her agent says. Come to a show, find out for yourself!

LOREN - lead vocals, keys

Displaying excellent vocal and motor skills along with a dizzying intellect and nearly perfect timing Loren appears to be the only member of the band with a lick of sense (excepting Baibi, of course … she has super powers!)  … proving he’s not just another pretty face. Loren has an amazing vocal range; he can handle the soft, sensitive ballads and the out and out rock screamers. You gotta hear him! A friend of Matt’s from his French Foreign Legion days — Loren was a cook specializing in crepes and escargot. We’re hoping not at the same time.

RICK - bass guitar, Vocals

Rick has been a fixture on bass in the Twin Cities music scene for over 30 years, and we’re happy to have him on our team. Early in his life he tried his hand at several jobs just off the beaten path, specifically, Galactic Travel Agent, Dream Alchemist, and Professional Reindeer Walker. Eventually, the call of the music — not to mention a suggestion from his last corporate job — led him to where he is today. Yay!

SCOT - guitar, vocals

Scot is a bit of a mystery, some say he was a train pusher (look it up, it’s a real job!). Others say he was a Pez dispenser repairman until he found a job as a part-time musician — which payed MUCH better! He likes to think of himself as a raconteur, regaling people with his delightful tales and witticisms (his wife will tell you to ignore him or you’ll get more of the same).

MATT - drums

Matt is a drummer, who would like to be a vocalist. Attend any rehearsal with the band and you’ll hear Matt singing his heart out! It’s … very nice. Other than a stint, with Loren, in the Foreign Legion, Matts origins are difficult to pin down. We do know he left the Legion after a nasty reaction to a breakfast called “Snails in a Blanket”.


Spring 2015: Over a dinner consisting of gruel, pre-moistened potato chips, jello and Manischewitz Concord Grape wine, 5 musicians decided this was no time to hang up their singing shoes! Rehearsals were immediately rehearsed. In fact, during an early rehearsal, and after a particularly rough performance of … “The Green, Green Grass of Home” (or something by Scorpions, they can’t really recall) it was suggested the new bands name should be ‘Train Wreck’ … that way audiences would be forewarned. After some research it was decided FLYING TRAIN WRECK would be the ensemble’s official name.

… and the rest, as they say, … has yet to be written …